Medicare might be the best healthcare program anywhere, but there are gaps. It does not cover everything. There are three major areas that are not covered and paid by an individual or insurance. These areas include even more home or nursing care, prescription coverage, or dental, vision and hearing coverage. Our representatives can help you get the benefits you deserve.

Medicare Gaps

Reach out to our office or your representative to learn about how plans covering these areas are beneficial to you.

Medicare Premiums for 2022

  • Most people get Part A automatically when they turn age 65. They do not have to pay a monthly payment called a premium for Part A because they or a spouse paid Medicare taxes while they were working.

Medicare Deductible and Coinsurance Amounts for 2022:
Part A: (pays for inpatient hospital, skilled nursing facility, and some home health care) For each benefit period Medicare pays all covered costs except the Medicare Part A deductible (2022= $1,556) during the first 60 days and coinsurance amounts for hospital stays that last beyond 60 days and no more than 150 days.
For each benefit period you pay:

  • $0 for the first 60 days of each benefit period after the $1,556 deductible is met.
  • $389.00 a day for the 61st – 90th day each benefit period.
  • $778.00 a day for the 91st – 150th day for each lifetime reserve day (total of 60 lifetime reserve days – non-renewable).
  • All costs for each day after day 150 of the benefit period.

Skilled Nursing Facility Coinsurance

  • 3-day inpatient hospital stay required first.
  • $0 for the first 20 days of each benefit period.
  • Up to $194.50 a day for the 21st – 100th day each benefit period.

Part B: Covers Medicare eligible physician services, outpatient hospital services, certain home health services, durable medical equipment.

Above information from January, 2022

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